Friday, December 14, 2012

Operations Begin on the Superior Division

Green Bay, WI - The Milwaukee Road Superior Division is proud to announce that the railroad has made its first deliveries to industries in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Milwaukee Road HH660 No. 1600 can be seen below passing the East Green Bay Freight House tracks on the main line. The MILW made deliveries to the Green Bay Packers and Northern Paper. All the classification and industry tracks have been laid in East Green Bay. A hidden track runs along the wall to Bill's right in the photo below. This hidden track connects the Superior Division to connections in Milwaukee and Chicago. Currently, the Tracks terminate at a small yard just north of Milwaukee. The Track Department's work is proving to be in excellent condition. Due to a new labor agreement, the unionized Electrical Department and Car Department have powered the railroad and inspected its rolling stock. We are elated that trains are reliably rolling to earn the railroad revenue. Shop Steward Bill Mosteller can be seen looking on in the photo below:

Bill Mosteller looks on as an East Green Bay Turn makes its way towards the East River

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Signs of Progress on the Superior Division

Milwaukee, WI - Since the last update in the Summer of 2011, much has occurred on the Superior Division. The Superintendent has traveled around the country with his spouse to learn more about railroads large and small. The trip took them along a route which they followed over 50 years ago. During that trip, the Superintendent was taken ill and his travels as well as his work on the Superior Division were cut short.

Gladly, we at the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Public Relations Department can report that the Superintendent is on the mend. Work on his Superior Division has resumed at a feverish pace. Instead of only debating and theorizing approaches to construction, we are now making tangible progress in the layout room. Track has been laid and energized on the hidden ramp which connects Milwaukee/Chicago staging to the East Green Bay industrial area. An electrical bus is in place so that the remainder of tracks in East Green Bay can be electrified as tracks are laid in the near future. The Superintendent has graciously agreed to double the pay of his volunteers for our hard work! We hope to expand the operable segment of railroad well into East Green Bay tomorrow.

Up-to-date track plans will be posted soon, along with progress pictures and a few videos of trains. Stay tuned!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Good beginning

This sounds like it could be fun. Where are the track diagrams?

Construction Begins on the Superior Division

Track plans for the first phase of construction have been finalized and blown up to full HO scale so that tracklaying can begin.